24 Jan 2016

The Impact of Social Networking on Our Lives

Posted by Shravan
If we look back a few years back, we realize that there are quite a few things which things which changed the world.  It would be practically impossible to list out all these things in this post. However, one thing which has changed the world in definitely social media or social networking. There are hundreds and probably even thousands of small and big social networking sites, mobile apps etc. Some famous ones are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc. The list is endless. We are able to network, communicate and chat with people who miles and miles away from us. In this post we will have a look at the impact of social networking on our lives.

Today, it has become really easy to connect with our college or school batch mates or classmates which are spread across the country or rather across the globe. Without social networking, it wouldn’t be that easy. We can also get to know about various happenings across the world. Social media has also helped people put down their views and opinion publicly and share it with others. We also get to know what’s happening in our friend or family circle.
However, when we look around we see some people especially youngsters spend too much time on social sites. If we look around, we see people constantly checking out social networking sites. One the road, at the bus stops, at the dining table, everywhere. My personal opinion is that social networking sites should be used in moderation.

Brands and companies are using social media to reach out to masses. The fact that advertisement spends on social media of leading brands is a testimony to this. Also there is an exponential rise of social media marketing agencies. Social media helps people reach out to masses at fraction of cost compared to print or TV media. Due to social media it’s possible for brands to  engage in a two way conversation with the client or customer.

It’s possible to educate yourself using social networking as well. There are specialised pages, groups etc of likeminded people having interest in particular subject. You can ask questions; get your queries answered etc. You can also browse through tutorial videos; pictures etc. shared over social media which will help you enhance your knowledge.

Social media is a great source of entertainment. You can get to variety of pictures, watch movies, amazing happenings across the world etc. You can engage in a chat with your friends, relatives, colleagues etc.

Apart from these there are various other uses of social media. Indeed, Social media has created a huge impact on our lives. There are hundreds of social networking sites and apps. You just need to find your favourite site and use it for your betterment.

What’s your opinion? How do you think social networking sites have impacted you? Share via your comments.

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