12 Jan 2016

How to turn good mornings into gold mornings?

Posted by Shravan
Mornings are very special to me. After a good night’s sleep, I wake up really fresh in the morning. I am an early riser. The habit of waking up early was instilled in me few years back during my board exams when my mother used to wake me up early morning so that sit to study before going to school. It’s great to see the sun rising, birds chirping and enjoy the cool atmosphere in the morning. Good mornings are a start of a great day. So make sure you start your day with a great morning so that you have great day ahead.

So now we arrive at the main question- How to turn your ordinary mornings into gold mornings? I typically start my morning at around 5AM. I then freshen up, brush my teeth with the new “Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold” toothbrush & Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste.

The “Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold” toothbrush comes with anti-germ bristles that fight germ growth on the toothbrush for a very long time. It comes with charcoal infused bristles. The charcoal spiral bristles clean and remove the stains. It also has cheek and tongue cleaner. “Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold” toothbrush indeed helps you wake up to #Colgate360GoldMornings.

After freshening up, I have a cup of hot green tea and then go for light morning walk in nearby park. After coming back, I have a bath, followed by a light breakfast and then go for work. I have been following for a few years now and the benefits I have got are immense. The early morning walk keeps me active and fit. Moreover, as I get up early, I don’t have to make rush and hurry up while carrying out other tasks during the day.

That’s it guys. I would like to reiterate that good mornings are really necessary to have a great day ahead. So make sure you turn your ordinary mornings into great mornings so that you have a great day. Let me know how you turn your ordinary mornings into gold mornings via your valuable comments.


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