21 Oct 2015

Discovering The "Real Togetherness"

Posted by Shravan
Today, we are so busy with our lives that we have lost the real meaning behind togetherness. If you pay a close look around you, you will definitely notice it. Most of the people around us are too busy with their smartphones, PC’s, tablets, laptops and various other devices in the virtual world. People clutching their smartphones and other gadgets is a common sight today, anywhere you go. 

It is a pretty common scenario everywhere. In bus, metro, train- everywhere we find people fiddling with their smartphones. In functions like marriages we always find people interacting and striking conversations with others in the virtual world in spite of having hundreds of people around us physically. Children too like playing games virtually despite of the fact that they can play games physically with their friends. Children like playing a certain sport on PC/laptop/mobile sitting at home but avoid playing the same sport physically on the playground with friends. Even when doing morning walks or jogging in the park, people enjoy music instead of watching the charming nature and enjoying it.

 This may have a heavy effect on our personal relationships as well. We don't have time to talk and discuss matters with our near and dear ones and even our immediate family members which matter the most yet we always squeeze in time to reply to messages by our not-so-close virtual friends. Sometimes people feel we are ignoring them if we fail to respond to their messages. There is no proper sense of understanding between the people in the virtual relationships. Many virtual friendships and relationships are not long lasting as people may not to know the other person well. 

Togetherness Image Source: Flickr  Credits: Prem Sahani

What exactly does real togetherness mean? Does it mean spending time with our loved and dear ones and enjoying their company or just enjoying the feeling of being together in the virtual world? I feel its high time now that we introspect and decide to break free from the clutches of our smartphones and build long lasting and truly valuable relationships with our neighbours, friends, relatives and other people close to us. We should also understand that friends and relationships made in the virtual world are much more valuable and long lasting than those in the virtual world. It would be totally foolish to disconnect from the virtual world. We should also try to keep a balance between the two and give priority and focus to real relationships thereby enjoying being together with our near and dear ones.

Let us watch this really interesting and amazing video from Kissan "Kissanpur – Discovering Real Togetherness" and enjoy :) 


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