28 Sep 2015

Make smartphone your second TV with Tata Sky + Transfer

Posted by Shravan
We all use our smartphone for variety of purposes including entertainment purpose. But most of the times when it comes to deriving entertainment from your smartphone, it’s limited to playing games, social networking, reading books, chatting and watching videos.

What if I told you that now you can use your smartphone to watch your favourite TV programmes on the go? What if I told you that now there is no need to fight for the TV remote to watch your favourite TV program? You might wonder whether it's really possible.

Yes. Now it’s made possible by Tata Sky which is one of the most reputed and popular DTH service providers in India. Tata Sky has launched a new service called Tata Sky + Transfer which is one of the first of its kind in India and allows you to record, transfer and carry your favourite TV serials or programmes with you on your smartphones and watch them on the go.

I'll illustrate using my own example. I am one of the greatest fans of a popular TV serial called Tarak mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. If you don't know about it, it is a very popular comedy serial which has been running for a few years now on SAB Tv. I have been watching this serial for quite a few years now and can think of missing any episode. Many a times it happens that due to some unavoidable college work and assignments, I am unable to watch this particular TV serial. Now using the feature and service of Tata Sky + Transfer  I can watch record, transfer and carry the TV serial with me on my smartphone and watch it in my free time like say when I am travelling in a bus or metro.

Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Pic Credit: sifetbabo.com
I also love to watch various other TV programmes like Man v/s Wild on Discovery Channel and various other Food & Travel programs on Fox Traveller. Many a times it happens that my mom also watches some daily soaps on Hindi TV Channels. Now I can watch these TV programmes at peace in my free time right on my smartphone without having to fight for the remote with my mom.

Indeed, Tata Sky + Transfer is a great boon to people like me or just everyone who loves watching TV programs. Since my family is already a subscriber of Tata Sky since past few years (we are extremely happy with their service), it won’t cost us much to upgrade to Tata Sky + Transfer facility.

I will definitely upgrade to Tata Sky + Transfer and would also like to recommend it to all loyal readers of my blog. You can also watch the below video to understand what exactly is Tata Sky + Transfer and how you can get immense benefits from it.


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