8 Jul 2015

UC Browser - Stay updated with the latest cricket score

Posted by Shravan
Life has become really fast paced. Moreover, internet browsing has become an integral part of our life. We browse internet on a daily basis, many a times a few hours a day. We need to access internet at a really fast speed to stay updated with recent happenings, get our daily deal of information and for checking social networking sites, checking mails and notifications etc.  Want to access internet at a really fast speed? - UC Browser is the best choice.

India is a cricket crazy nation. There are millions of people here who are die hard fans of cricket here. Even I am one of them as I just love watching cricket matches especially those in which our national team- Team India participates. However, due to work and other personal commitments, I am not able to watch all the cricket matches being played on TV. However, I like to keep myself updated with the latest ongoing score via internet or mobile.

However, many a times, it’s a pain to keep myself updated with the latest scores. Either I need to search Google and visit related sites and check out the score manually. Personally, for me it is a very troublesome process. Every time I need to refresh the webpage to find the updated score. In the process a lot of time and even data is wasted.

Another option is downloading an application providing live cricket scores which is a convenient option. You can download and install the app of your choice from many available choices. I was using this option personally until my friend suggested me UC Cricket.

UC Cricket is a new service by UC browser. I am hundred percent sure that most of the people reading this post are well aware of UC browser. This browser enables us to surf the internet at a really fast speed while consuming minimum possible data. There are two major benefits- low data consumption charges and faster, smooth internet browsing experience.

There are many unique and beneficial features of UC cricket. You can find latest news and videos. Also it's possible to find match results and scores. The best feature is the live score feature with auto update facility. This allows us to stay updated with the latest scores easily without the need to refresh every time.

You can check out interesting video below about UC Browser on YouTube.

UC browser helps me stay connected to my favourite cricket game on the move. This browser has proved to be extremely beneficial to me. Now I can check out the score on the go and follow the latest updates. So what are you waiting for- Download & Install UC Browser now and experience the difference.


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