5 Jul 2015

My "Bachpan ki Yaadein" story- Khuljaye Bachpan

Posted by Shravan
Currently I am aged 23 years. During my school days, I always had a hot bowl of milk with delicious Kellogs Chocos as my breakfast before I left for school. I used just love the chocolaty flavour of Kellogs Chocos. My mother was also happy as it was very healthy and nutritious.

Childhood is full of memories. Some of which are really sweet and some not so sweet. However, many such memories remain in our mind for a long time.

I have one such memory etched in my mind since a long time. This incident happened when I was in sixth standard.

While returning from school, I found a wallet lying on the road. As I a bit curious, I went there and picked up the wallet. I put it in my bag and came home. After having my lunch, I went to my room, opened by bag and counted the money in the wallet secretly. It was around one thousand three hundred rupees. I was really happy. For many weeks I was planning to buy a new cricket bat as I was a huge fan of cricket at that time playing cricket with my friends every evening. I was saving money in my piggy bank constantly for weeks and had managed to save Rs.200. The new bat cost Rs.1500. So I was really happy because I thought I would be able to buy a new bat with my piggy bank savings and the amount I had found in the wallet.

However, the turning point occurred when the next morning my mother was putting my tiffin box in my bag. She found the wallet! She asked me where she found the wallet and I told her the whole story. She scolded me terribly and told me that I shouldn't take others things. I felt really bad and started crying.

My mom and my dad then explained me why we shouldn't pick up other belongings. My dad then checked out the wallet and found visiting card of the person to whom the wallet belonged. Dad called the owner and told him to collect it by visiting our place. The owner visited our place quickly, collected the wallet and thanked us. He was really happy to receive his wallet and more importantly his money back. I understood the mistake I had committed. I vowed never to do such things and never to take other persons belongings.

This is a story which has remained etched in my mind for several years. It taught me an important lesson that we should not take other belongings and if we found anything like that, we should duly return it to the owner.

You can also watch this beautiful video of Kellogs Chocos on Youtube.


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