13 Jun 2015

Five simple skin care tips for healthy glowing skin

Posted by Shravan
Every person in the world aspires to have a clean healthy glowing skin without any marks, scars, blemishes etc. Skin being one of the sensitive parts of our body; it is necessary to take good care of it. Ayurveda and nature has remedies for all type of skin problems. In this post, I will share some very simple and natural skin care tips and remedies which you can use to have a glowing healthy skin.

Wash your skin from time to time

This is one of the easiest yet effective way to have a good skin. Try to wash your face either with plain water or with soap whenever possible. Washing your skin removes all dirt accumulated on your skin.

Apply face mask/pack made from natural ingredients

Give your skin special treatment just as you give to your loved ones. Apply face mask/pack made from natural ingredients. Best way is to apply raw honey to your face. Raw honey is beneficial due to its antibacterial properties. Apply it on your face covering the whole face, dry it for around 5-10 minutes and then rinse it off. You will instantly notice the difference on your skin.

Eat healthy food & avoid fried stuff

Avoid eating processed food as much as possible. Also try to avoid fried or extra spicy food. This kind of food, especially in excess quantity, is bad for skin as well as overall healthy. Try to opt for healthier options as far as possible. This remedy is important especially for teenagers and even others who have very oily skin and suffer from frequent pimple or acne breakouts.

Scrub for your face at least twice a month

Scrubbing is a very good way to remove dead cells from your skin. Try to use scrubs made from natural products like brown sugar mixed with water. Apply the scrub on your face nicely using your hands moving in circular motions in anticlockwise direction. Keep it for a few minutes and then wash it with cold water. Pat dry your skin. This makes your skin look much fairer, fresher and beautiful.

Apart from all above tips, keep in mind that your skin is a very sensitive part of your body. So, as far as possible, try to keep your skin away from creams having heavy doses of chemicals or artificial substances. You can use ayurvedic beauty products from reputed brands like Vicco laboratories which have excellent skin care products made from natural ingredients which are used by lakhs of people across the globe since many years now. You can watch below video about Vicco Turmeric Cream

I hope the above tips would be helpful for you in getting a good healthy & glowing skin. If you have any good skin care tips, feel free to share it with us by using comment box below.


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