12 Mar 2015

My Look Up Story- Story which fills me with optimism

Posted by Shravan
I have lived more than 20 years of my lifetime. In these 20 years, I have faced hundreds of ups and downs. I have faced hundreds and probably thousands of experiences. Some of them were pleasurable; some were not so good ones and some extremely bitter ones. Still every experience has had an effect on me, my personality, my way of thinking. Some had positive effect on me while some had negative effect. Most of these moments or experiences taught me a lot of things.

I would like to share a unique moment which can in my life which filled me with optimism and gave me a clear view of future.

My brother (elder to me by 3 years) had recently completed engineering.  The entrepreneurial bug had bitten him at a fairly young age and he was inclined towards entrepreneurship from a very young age.  Even when in school, he used to some small things to earn some extra pocket money. He had plans of starting his own venture right after graduating from college. He would often talk to me about his startup idea and entrepreneurship, but I wasn't that keen. I always thought of the risks involved . Meanwhile, my brother started a small web design company while in final year of his college and opted out of college placements. I thought it was a foolish decision and thought that his venture would close soon.

My brother was working hard. He was always busy with his work and used to spend sleepless nights working. The company was growing slowly and steadily with mostly local businesses as his clients. The revenue generated was not so high yet my brother didn't lose hope. He worked really hard. This continued for around 2 years. Slowly the company started making progress and my brother got a nice office and a few employees to help him with his business. The revenue and profits started building up. The company become one of the most popular companies in my town.

My brothers company was acquired by another company for a large sum. That moment made me realise that hard work never goes waste. A person who works hard and follows his passion with a never quit attitude always succeeds. This moment filled me with a lot of optimism and gave me hope that even I can pursue my own path and follow my passions.

Now I am working on my own startup idea and whenever I feel down, I just look up to my brother for my inspiration. I always remember this incident which feels me with a lot of positive energy and optimism.

I would like to mention a beautiful quote by Cesare Pavese. He says- “We do not remember days, we remember moments.“


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