14 Mar 2015

A bold step which changed my life forever

Posted by Shravan
There is a very famous quote by Martha Beck. She says “Every day brings new choices.” which is indeed true. Life is full of choices. At every point in your life, on a daily basis, you are required to make some choices in one form or the other. In past twenty or more years, I have made hundreds and probably thousands of choices. Some proved to be good while some backfired. I would like to share with you a bold choice which I made which changed my life completely.

I was pursuing my graduation from a reputed engineering college. When I was in my final year, companies started visiting my college campus for hiring final year students. I was one of the candidates eligible for answering the interviews. However, I was bit sceptical about it. I always wanted to start my own venture providing web designing and online marketing solutions. However, there was pressure from my family to take up a steady job and for that I had to answer the interview. I was confused whether to attend the interviews or to skip them and start my own venture. Somehow I tried to convince my family, took the bold step in my life and skipped going my placement interviews. 

Meanwhile I started working on my startup simultaneously while studying. At the end of my final year, all my close friends were placed in multinational companies (MNC’s) while I was still struggling with my startup. However, I did not loose hope. I was quite sure that entrepreneurship is the best path for a person like me. I kept working hard. In around 6-8 months after graduating from my college, my venture finally started some decent revenue. The no. of new clients increased and the existing clients also started giving new business. Revenues started building and thus the profits also started increasing.

The decision which I made then proved to be very helpful. Today, around 2 years have passed from that incident. Today, I am extremely happy about the choice which I made during that time. The profit from the venture might not be higher as compared to my friends working in MNC’s. Still, I love what I do and I am confident that I will take my venture to new heights.

That decision thought me a lot of things. I learnt a very important lesson that always take calculated risk and move ahead. If you need to choose from 2 paths, always take the bolder one or the one which is less travelled by others. If you don’t lose hope and work hard, you are bound to succeed. I would like to end this article by a classic quote by Angelina Jolie. She says- Make bold choices in life and make mistakes. It's all those things that add up to the person you become.

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