1 Feb 2015

Get Quikr Nxt - Communicate with buyers/sellers over chat !

Posted by Shravan
Almost all of us reading this post would have tried using a classified site to find buyers for our goods and services at some point of time. Many a times it happens that when we post an advertisement on the classified site, we receive a lot of inquiries over phone calls. Not all the inquires are genuine, in fact many of them are from not so serious buyers and even some calls from telecallers. The fake inquiries and phone calls irritate us a lot and we also tend to waste a lot of time and energy in answering to the calls.

If you have faced this problem any time, then worry no more. Quikr Nxt is the best solution to this problem from Quikr, one of the most popular and best online classified sites in India. Using Quikr Nxt, both the buyer and the seller can chat with each other via Quikr mobile app, mobile site or even the desktop site. You can chat with the buyer/seller at your convenience and preferred time.
Below are some strong reasons to prefer chat over phone calls while communicating with buyer/seller.

Easy photo sharing: If you are the buyer, you can ask the seller to send photos of his product over chat. If you want photos of any specific part (say earphones and charger of a smartphone) or specific angle ( the side view of the car which you intend to buy) of the product, you can request the seller. He can send it to you conveniently over chat.

Privacy and security of your mobile number: Your mobile number is kept private and is hidden. This is a great advantage since you won’t get calls from anyone. SO no more fake calls, inquiries, marketing SMS and calls from marketing companies.  If anyone is interested in your product, he can drop you a text over chat and you can reply back to him at a time convenient to you.

Chat history: Your chat history is documented and saved. This is a big advantage since in case of any issues or disputes, you can refer to the chat history or chat messages and resolve the issue. It is inconvenient to record phone conversations every time.  Over the other hand, chats are very convenient. Also if you forget any of the specification, features etc. explained by the seller, you can refer to the chat history any time. This is typically not possible when communicating over phone.

There are various other advantages of this service, like for example, the whole communication and deal closing process would become a lot more faster and hassle free.

Quikr NXT is a must use service and I would definitely recommend it to all the loyal readers of this blog.

Do let me know your experience after using it (or if you have already used it) via the comment box below.

This article is written for Quikr Nxt in association with IndiBlogger’s Happy Hour contest.
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