10 Aug 2013

5 Best Websites for Internships in India

Posted by Shravan
Internships are regarded as a bridge to the corporate career for fresh graduates. Not only it allows good use of time for the students but it also provides invaluable experience apart from stipend, internship certificate and in some cases Letters of Recommendation and also some goodies. For employers it is one of the best ways to get manpower with limited spendings. Hence its a win win situation for both students and the employers. Internships opportunities are rising in India like never before, thanks to increasing number of startups.

In this article we are listing some of the best websites or portals for internships in India. Students are use these websites to find internship opportunities of their choice whereas startups and companies can use it for listing the internship opportunities at their companies.

So without wasting much time below is the list of 5 best websites for internships in India. Note that the sites are not listed in any particular order.

1) Letsintern : 
                           5 Best Websites for Internships in India                    This is a very good websites for finding internships in India. They have various internship opportunities which are added daily. They have internships across various categories like virtual internships, brand ambassadors, part time jobs, volunteers and lot more.

                        5 Best Websites for Internships in India

This is another website to find internship opportunities in India. This website is owned by Angaros Management Company. You can browse internships from various leading companies and startups.

3) Letmeknow :
                     5 Best Websites for Internships in India

This is another interesting portals to find internships opportunities in India founded in 2007.You can find internships opportunities across categories like Technology,business, arts and design, maths & sciences, social sciences etc. You can also find full time/part time or freelance jobs on this website.

4) Twenty19 :
                                    5 Best Websites for Internships in India
This is another portal to find good internship opportunities. You can even find information about courses and events. They always have the best internship opportunities across various categories.

5) 10internship :

                                          5 Best Websites for Internships in India

This is another portal to find good internship opportunities in your city. Employers can post internship opportunities free of cost.

These are some of the best websites where you can find internship opportunities suiting your needs. if you are are start up business owner looking for interns, you can post about about them on these sites to get interns.

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