16 Jun 2013

10 Online Business Ideas with Low Investment

Posted by Shravan
Many people today are looking forward to start their own online business and are constantly looking for  online business ideas. Most of these people are housewives, retired people, youngsters,college students etc. You can earn some additional income from these online businesses by dedicating few hours every day. In this post we will list out 10 online business ideas which you can start with low investment.
10 Online Business ideas with low Investment

Below is the list of 10 online business ideas with low investment:
1) Start a coupon code site: You can start a website in which you can share coupon codes of various online shopping sites. You can make money by affiliate marketing or by using advertising networks or direct advertisements.
2) Business to sell content: You can start a business of providing bloggers and webmasters with content for their blogs or websites. You can write the content yourself or higher some part time workers for the same.
3) Online shopping site sending surprise gifts: You can start an ecommerce website which sends surprise gifts to people regularly. Many people like getting surprise gifts even if they pay for it. hence this idea can work very well.
4) Start a niche blog : You can start your own blog on any topic you like and write quality articles based on the topic. Slowly as your blog gets popular you can publish advertisements on it and make money.

5) Start online grocery store: This is a very good website idea if there is no such website providing this service in your town/city. You can sell grocery,general items, cosmetics and other items which people like to buy on daily basis.

6) Start a price comparison site: A price comparison website which allows visitor to type the product of his choice & your site will search and display the prices of that product on different online shopping sites. you can make money from these type of sites by affiliate marketing.

7) Offer Web designing/development service: You can start an online business which offers website development, designing, content updation, maintenance etc. You can do it yourself if you are technically inclined or you can hire some freelancers.

8) Sell domain & hosting online: You can become a reseller and start an online business of selling domain, hosting, security certificates, email hosting etc.which is required by webmasters and bloggers.

9) Daily deal website:  You can start a blog or website where you post about some cheap and value for money deals available across the web. You can make money from advertising,affiliate marketing etc.

10) Online classified sites: You can start a website which allows members to post classified ads on your website. You can make money by charging your customers for posting the classified or from advertising networks.

Allmost all the online business ideas mentioned in this post require very less initial investment like website script, hosting and domains. You can start your own website or hire a developer for the same.

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