17 May 2013

Consolidation: Answer To Problems Faced By Web Developers & Bloggers Worldwide

Posted by Shravan
Time and again, I have come across Bloggers & Web designers who create and handle multiple blog sites with the most beautiful themes, and absolutely impressive content possible. However, two of the biggest issues that a Web Administrator, who ends up handling more than 5 websites face, is Managing & Expanding.

The answer to this is simple, Consolidation. What exactly am I referring to by consolidation? Let me explain with a very simple example.

Picture yourself when you thought of setting up your first blog, or designing your first website. To start, you knew you needed a Domain (www.infobhaiblog.com) to secure your online identity, and a Web & Email Hosting Package in order to serve your content to the world; and communicate to your fans through your own personal email address like iamasmartblogger@infobhaiblog.com. With time, the popularity of your blog grew, the content you uploaded started increasing, your supporters started rising, and you may have also given birth to a few more blogs.

During all of this, there may have been multiple instances when you thought that you needed a better Hosting Package that could handle your expansion needs, and a simpler solution to manage all your Web Properties in one place. If you still face this issue then let me introduce you to a company that I have just learnt about, and how their program helps solve the above problem; they’re called ResellerClub.

To start with, they provide you with a Master Control Panel that can be used to manage any Product or Service that you purchase from them. You’re allowed access to over 70+ Domain Extensions (brandidentity.com, brandidentity.in, brandidentity.us, brandidentity.co.uk & more), which is very important incase you plan on having your website target different markets.  Additionally as a Web Developer, your Customers would also have a requirement of getting their Domain registered in different extensions; this certainly helps you with that problem as well.

Normally a simple hosting provider would offer limited domain extensions ergo having you to look out for alternate companies that can assist with your requirement. This then leaves you with a bad aftertaste of managing multiple Domain panels which eventually end up becoming messy.

Through the ResellerClub Control Panel managing your blogs or customer websites become very simple.The User Interface  also makes for great aesthetics, and allows easy navigation between important features for a Domain Name.

This explains how you can take care of managing all your websites through Consolidation. Now let’s focus on expansion.

Expansion for a Web Administrator would normally refer to additional Web Space or Bandwidth. How many times have you ended up wishing that you predicted the requirements of your Blog sites well? How many of you’ll have later faced the issues that are involved in migrating your content from one Hosting Package to another?  I am sure all of us are well aware of the hassles involved, and how tedious it can get.

So, if you manage multiple Blogs or Websites, operate a Web Design business , or could even be doing both (Managing Blog Sites + Operating a Web Design Business). Then in such a case, having a Hosting Package that can accommodate a Web Administrators ever growing needs for expansion becomes critical.

Reseller Hosting is your Answer, and let me explain why:

     1) Reseller Hosting comes with around 50 GB Web Space and 1000 GB Bandwidth (could also be more), which is sufficient to handle the hosting requirements of around 30 Web Sites without facing any limitation.

So if you manage a bunch of your blog websites, offer Web Design Services, and help host sites for your close ones, then this would make your work easy

      2) Reseller Hosting also allows you to create separate Hosting Control Panels for all your websites. Using this, if you need the help of an expert to customize the design of a single website, you wouldn’t need to offer him access to your entire hosting package, but only the one that he requires to work upon.This helps with security

      3)  Multiple dedicated IPs can only be purchased through Reseller Hosting, which is required while installing a Digital Certificate on your websites. This helps, and is essential, if your Blog has its own forum, requests users for Login Information, or allows a user to make a transaction online.

This ResellerHosting Service is also available through ResellerClub, and they’re well known for it.

So as you can see, managing and expanding your websites isn’t as tough as you think it may be. If any of the above concerns you, Sign Up for an Account with them, and I am sure their representatives would be more than glad to help you with any query that you may have.

If you do face other issues, then feel free to start a discussion using the comments section.


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