20 Apr 2013

How to Increase Infolinks Earnings

Posted by Shravan
For those of you who don't know Infolinks is, It is a In-text advertising network which displays advertisement in the text of your blog/website (In-text Advertising) and you can make money on per click basis. You might notice some dotted underlined words on this blog, Well those are infolinks ads. When you infolinks is one of the best and very popular In-text advertising network for all kind of blogs and websites.

In this Post we will our readers how to increase their infolinks earnings. Below are the main ways for the same:

1) Choose the highlight (link) color for infolinks ads such that it matches with the normal links and template color of your blog/website. This will help you to increase your Click through Rate (CTR)

2) There are 2 kinds of underlining link styles available at Infolinks. Double & dotted. Many top webmasters and bloggers claim that the single underline (dotted) will boost your CTR. More CTR will help you to earn more income.

3) Choose the maximum links per page to 12. This will display 12 intext Ads per Page. It is clear that more ads will mean more earnings.

4) Activate in search and In-tag ads through customize option at your Infolinks publisher account. In search Ads are relevant ads displayed to your blog visitors coming from search engines. Intag ads display related keywords for the particular page and display them as related tags. You can even try In-frame Ads which will be banner advertisements appearing at margin of your website.

You must to add more and more unique and original content to your blog or website. Also focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get more traffic. It is plain common sense that more the traffic,more will be the clicks and more earnings. This will also help for overall success of your blog and website

These tips will definitely help you to boost your Infolinks CTR and Therefore increase your Infolinks Earnings. If you have any other tips and tricks regarding the same Kindly share it through the comment box below. Don't forget to share this post on social networking sites If you like it.


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