17 Apr 2013

How to Add Alexa Widget to Your Blog

Posted by Shravan
Alexa rank is considered as one of the most trusted factor which decides popularity of a website. Many potential advertisers too look at your website or blogs alexa rank to determine the sites popularity. The lower the Alexa rank the more better or more popular your website is. Alexa rank depends on various factors like website traffic, content, SEO, back links etc. But in this post we will explain how to add or install Alexa widget on your blog.

How to Add Alexa Widget to Your Blog:

2) Enter the address of your blog/website in Alexa Site 
Stats Button Box and Click on "Build Widget."

How to Add Alexa Widget to Your Blog

3) Now you will get banner designs and their HTML Codes. Currently they give banners of dimensions 120x95, 120x240 & 468x80.

4) Choose the banner design of your choice and select 
and copy the respective HTML Code

5) Now Go to your Website HTML Code and Paste this 
code at the place where you want the widget to appear. If you are using bloggers you can got to 
Layout Page>Add Widget>Add HTML/Javascript Code 
and Paste the HTML Code there.

Volia! You are done. The Alexa Traffic Stats widget will 
start showing on your website immediately if you have followed the above steps correctly. You can use similar steps to Add Alexa Traffic Rank and Alexa Traffic Graph Button Widgets to Your Blog.

If you have any problems or queries regarding adding 
the widget to your blog/website, Let us know through the comment box below.


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