4 Mar 2013

Interview of Rahul Kuntala of LearnBlogTips

Posted by Shravan
In this Post We Publish Interview of Mr. Rahul Kuntala from Hyderabad, India who is a  successful blogger and owner of LearnBlogTips.com. In his interview He has also given valuable advice to newbies who want to make money online and wannabe bloggers. Read the Complete Interview to learn more.

1) Hello Rahul, Thanks for Allowing Us to Interview You. Can You Please Tell Our Readers More about Yourself?
Thanks for having me, I’m Rahul and I blog at LearnBlogTips where I share blogging productivity, creative writing and inbound marketing tips. I’m glad that LBT is growing very fast be it in subscriber count, social media or getting links from top blogs.

I live in Hyderabad, India and I’m a computer science graduate. Unlike many other graduates, I didn’t plan my career to work in other companies, instead, I focused on earning money through online businesses. And here I’m!

2) Can you throw some light on your online businesses and Your Income which you earn through them?
I strongly believe that blogs don’t make money, but the marketing does. Blogs are just a way to get started, you simply can’t make any income from them unless you market your blog the right way.  And I earn enough money from my online businesses.

3) Is it easy for Newbies to earn Money Online? Most of them get scammed online. Please Give Your Opinion & Advice


If a newbie has connections with the popular bloggers, it’s dead easy to make some income from online businesses, because they help you spread the word about your businesses.

It’s all about the connections you have online, not how experienced blogger you are.

And remember that, without connections (by having a new blog), you simply can’t make money online any sooner. It will take at least 1 or 2 years to earn decent income. You have to be consistently working hard to get to know your audience and creating or promoting the right products for them to make your income autopilot.

4) What are the worst mistakes that you made while building successful blog online ?

Nothing. Even if you take me back to my earlier days of blogging, I’ll repeat the same mistakes.

Because I learn from my mistakes, and I won’t regret for having them.

But, I’m bit lazy person. I always look for getting things done little faster.

5) What is the Future of Online Business & Blogging in India? Is it advisable Young Indians Choose it as a Career Option ?

I think I should write a post on this topic ;)

Future of blogging is good and bad. Good for those who work hard, bad for those who wants quick success. You can’t earn a 1000 members tribe overnight, you have to build one-by-one, carefully! You’ll succeed online only when you know what you’re talking about and when you help others to succeed. Blogosphere is built on win/win approach, you can’t succeed if you can’t help others to succeed, simple as that.

And yea, anyone can choose blogging as their career, if they don’t:
·         Give up and
·         Blindly follow get-rich-quick-schemes

6) Any Advice for Our Readers?

·         Be honest (online is all about building trust and credibility)
·         Show genuine interest in helping other bloggers and
·         Put 100% dedication on whatever you do.  And yea, don’t give up!

InfoBhaiBlog Thanks Rahul for spending his time in answering the i
nterview and Wishes him All The Best for his future.


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