5 Mar 2013

Interview of Nitin Maheta of MakingDifferent.com

Posted by Shravan

In this Interview,We feature Nitin Maheta a leading Blogger from Rajkot,Gujrat. Read the Complete Interview below to Know More.

1) Hello Nitin ,Thanks for Spending Your Precious Time in Answering Our Interview.Can You Please Tell Our Readers More about Yourself and Your Website ?
I am Nitin Maheta from Rajkot. I am working as manager in garments showroom at shopping mall.Along with maintaining customers, I love blogging. I am currently blogging at makingdifferent.com

2) What are the main source of your income ? How many Blogs/Websites do you have?
I am big fan of Google adsense. Currently I have only one site. I believe that working & concentrating on one site would give me more, instead of having bunch of sites.

3) Tell a little about your blogging journey. How you started with It and your Progress Over the Years.
I have been blogging since 5 years. I had started my blog on blogspot platform & recently I registered domain name for my blog and now it comes under 75K Global Alexa ranking.

4) What are the worst mistakes that you made while building successful blog online ?
I was previously copying content from some bloggers, which was ranking my site down on Google as well as in Alexa, but I stopped it and now you can see my Alexa as well as Google ranking status.

5) Which are the blogs which you follow regularly? Do you have any Bloggers as your role models?
I generally follow Way2blogging, Ehowportal, bloggingcage, Mybloggertricks etc.
My role model blogger is Ehowportal, because he helps me and inspiring me in all my works at any time, & guiding me correctly.

6) What is Your Opinion about Making blogging as your full time job. Is it advisable?
I would say yes, but when you are getting millions of pageviews per month.Because at that time you will have no worry about your adsense or any ads option. Advertisers will automatically contact you if you have good ranking & well traffic maintained blog.
You will automatically leave your current job once you start earning more than your current job.

7)  Any Advice for Readers of InfoBhaiBlog ?
First of all I would thank you for making me member of your community. I would advice all bloggers to read and follow the interview of other probloggers posted here, as it is really impressive. I started loving this blog and started following on some of bloggers advice only from this blog.

We thank Nitin for spending his precious time in answering our Interview. We also Wish him All the Best for his future ventures.

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