9 Feb 2013

Pickzup.com Review- Get Free Mobile Recharge in india

Posted by Shravan
Pickzup.com is an online portal that gives you opportunity to get free recharge or even some extra cash for doing various things online. In this post we will explain what Pickzup really is & also how to earn from It.


Below is the List of things that you can do to Earn Credits at Pickzup:

1) Read Credit Emails: Pickzup regularly sends advertisement emails to your Pickzup account mailbox. You earn upto 5 credits for reading each email.

2) Play Games: You can play games at Pickzup and earn up to 2 credits daily

3) Referring Your Friends: You can refer your friends, neighbors, relatives, colleagues etc to Pickzup through your own referral link and you earn 30 credits for each person who signup through your link and verifies his mobile & email id. This is the main way of earning credits if you want to to recharge for high amounts at Pickzup.

4) Cashback: You get up to 500 Points as cash back whenever you buy purchase on any online shopping site mentioned on Pickzup ( purchase only through link provided in your account) in Your Pickzup account.

5) Playing Contest: You can play contests and if you are a lucky winner you can win Pickzup merchandise and free credits

 6) Answering Polls: You can answer polls questions and get credits in your account

There are mainly 3 ways of redeeming your credits/earning at Pickzup:

1) Recharging any mobile number from your Pickzup account using your account credits/earnings.

2) Requesting payment for your credits/earnings into your bank account. They do the payment through cheque or online transfer in your bank account. At present the minimum amount for redeeming your credits/earnings by this is Rs.550 (5500 Credits)

3) Buying merchandise from your account credits like T-Shirts. You can view the available products from your Pickzup account under the redeem option.

My Personal Opinion
In my opinion Pickzup is an ideal site if you want some free recharge or someextra income for spending few minutes online . It is genuine and many users have got free recharge and payment from them. Moreover It is free to join Pickzup Hence I will recommend you to join this site and check it out.

You can Click Here to Visit Pickzup

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