28 Feb 2013

Interview of Imran Uddin,19 Year old Blogger from India

Posted by Shravan
Imran Uddin
In this Interview we feature Mr. Imran Uddin, A 19 year old blogger from Hyderabad, India. He runs a successful blog All TechBuzz.

1) Hello Imran, Thanks for spending your precious time in answering our Interview.Can you please tell our readers more about yourself and your blog ?

Hello readers ,I am Imran Uddin - founder of AllTechBuzz.I'm 19 year old , living in city of Hyderabad.Its been just 1 year and 6 months I started blogging and achieved remarkable milestones in the past 6 months.Currently I am doing my Engineering and I blog whenever I get free time.

2) What are the main source of your income online?

A: Well my main source of income comes from Direct Advertisements including sponsored reviews and my services.I offer web designing and SEO related services.Currently I am working only with limited clients due to time constraint but in future I am planning to start a new website offering SEO and blogging related services.The other sources of income include Google Adsense , Yahoo Bing Ads and few other PPC networks.Summing up all I earn four figure income per month i.e $XXXX .I recently started working on Affiliate Marketing but still I didn't get any fruitful results.Still I am in experimental stage ,I will share my experience soon on my blog.

3) Tell a little about your blogging journey

I am a very enthusiastic person and I always try to explore new things and that's how I stumbled upon blogging one day to make money online to fulfill my needs to the best possible extent.As I am from a middle class family my pocket money was very limited.So I kept on working hard(Smart will be more appropriate) since my childhood either it might be in academics or extra-curricular to reach a good position in life.I started blogging to make money online but I didn't make anything till 6th month.I didn't lose hope and focused on improving my blog ranking and traffic.It all started from the 7th month.Many advertisers started contacting me to advertise on my blog and I am  making decent money from my blog.This is my first blog and it is hosted on blogger.I started with inexpensive .in domain and then later decided to move to .net to give it a professional touch.

4) What are the worst mistakes that you made while building successful blog online ?

Well I keep on making mistakes daily and I learn something new from it.

"I believe that if you don't make any mistake then you haven't learnt anything."

But the worst mistake that I did in my blogging career was starting a blog with hacking and cracking related content.This content is very much loved by audience but advertisers wont show interest to advertise on such blogs.This is one of the main reasons which stopped me making money in my first 6 months.

5) There are many newbie bloggers( mostly college students) who blog in their spare time to make money but very few succeed. Any Advice to them?

Anything you do ,do it passionately .Involve yourself completely in whatever you do.Keep on improving your skills day by day. Be excellent in whatever field you are.Don't be a mediocre.

Coming to online business don't be in hurry to earn money over night just be patient ,keep on applying new strategies ,you will definitely be successful.

6) Which are the blogs which you follow regularly?

There is a big list of blogs I follow daily.I read hundreds of blogs and articles on regular basis to keep myself updated with latest technologies .But I regularly read Yahoo News , Mashable ,Techcrunch ,Labnol ,Quicksprout and the list goes on.

7) Many Bloggers today start with a blogger platform to save money on hosting and other expenses. Is it advisable to go ahead with it or set up a proper wordpress blog with hosting and top level domain?  What is you opinion on this?

Many bloggers have a misconception that Wordpress is better than blogger which is not true.After blogger has upgraded its interface, it almost serves all the needs of a regular/normal blogger.But in blogger to customize according to our need requires lot of manual coding.Where as in wordpress all the work can be done with plugin.There are many disadvantages of wordpress as well like database errors and most importantly wordpress blogs are prone to hacking .

Lastly if you can afford hosting and domain charges then go with wordpress .If you are a beginner and don't want to invest in your initial stages then you can start with blogger platform.

8)  Any advice for our readers?

When you start trying out something new, people say that you cannot do.But after you have accomplished what you want people will start questioning "How you did that?"

Be patient and keep on practicing.Patience and Practice are the key for success.If you believe in whatever you do just ignore what others say.There are many people out there to discourage you.

There is nothing in this world that you cant do at the same time you cant do everything out there.Choose the best one which you like the most and start working on it.

We Once Again Thanks Imran for Spending his precious time in answering the Interview. This Interview will definitely inspire and provide motivation to newbie bloggers and wannabe entrepreneurs.

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