9 Feb 2013

Best Investment Options for Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers

Posted by Shravan
Best Investment Options for Bloggers
I was searching on this topic on Google But couldn’t found any post. So I thought of writing one myself to help my other colleague bloggers and other Affiliate Marketers after doing research. All of us know that most of the bloggers and affiliate marketers work hard to earn very good income from their blogs and other online businesses. But if you work so hard then your money should work hard for you too right? Below is some of the money investment options ideally suited for bloggers and affiliate marketers specially in India.

1) Investment in Recurring Deposit
This is a fairly easy way of investing some Extra Cash You might be getting every month from Affiliate Programs & Ad Networks. Just start a recurring deposit in any nationalized or private bank. Be sure to check the Interest Rates. For Instance, State Bank of India, India’s leading Public Sector Bank Currently Offers 8.50% Interest rate on Recurring Deposits for 1 Year.

2) Invest in Share Market
You can invest all liquid cash in share market. You can do intraday trading or trade with a long term prospective. If you are doing Intraday Trading Trade cautiously or you might end up losing your money. For Safe Long Term Investment, Invest in Shares Blue Chip Companies

3) Start a Fixed Deposit
You can start a fixed deposit with any leading bank. You can invest as low as Rs.1000 and start a fixed deposit. Fixed Deposit give you fixed Interest at the End of tenure. Hence it can be a lucrative option for Bloggers.

4) Invest in Mutual Funds
Start a SIP in a Good Mutual Fund with a Long Term Prospective. SIP can be started for as low as Rs.500 per month. Do proper research for Mutual Fund ideally suited for your needs

5) Miscellaneous Investments
There are various other investment options that you can try like buying precious metals, investing in Real Estate, Domain Flipping, and Starting More websites apart from your blog to Earn Very Good Income

All the Investment Options mentioned in this post will help you bloggers to get good returns on your Investment. Be sure to check the Interest rates and Other Charges before you actually Invest.

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