31 Jan 2013

List of Coupon Code Sites in India

Posted by Shravan
Are you an online shopping bluff? Do you spend large amount shopping online and want cut your expenses? Then Coupon code sites come to your rescue.

Coupon code sites are sites which offer you very good deals and coupons codes which you can apply during your purchases on online shopping sites to get heavy discount. You just need to spend some time to find the best suited coupon for your purchases.

If you want to know about the business model of coupon code sites then there is only one word description "Affiliate Marketing". These sites display affiliate links of online shopping sites & get handsome commission on sale made by their visitors. The more sales they refer to the merchant ecommerce site, the more they earn. This is the main reason for growing number of coupon code sites in India .Approximately there are around 250 online coupon code and daily deal sites in India and their number is growing daily.

Below is the list of some popular coupon code and daily deal aggregating sites where you can get good deals and coupons. Note that the sites are not listed in any particular order

There are various other coupon code sites apart from the once listed in this post. You can use any coupon code site of your choice to find the best coupon code suiting your needs and get maximum discounts on your purchases
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